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The ultimate guide to solo travel UK

solo travel uk

What is Solo Travel UK?

Fancy getting away from home? Solo travel is a way to explore the world on your own terms. Whether you want to go hiking in the Himalayas or see the Statue of Liberty, solo travel is a way to make those desires happen and have someone there with you along the way. If you are thinking of solo travel UK then we have you covered.

Why Do People Choose to Travel Alone?

solo travel uk

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Why do people choose to travel and have days out alone? This is a question that has been asked many times, but it is hard to answer. It is a personal decision for each individual. No one can say why they want to travel alone or why anyone else does.

While reading this, one might be tempted to ask themselves why they would want to travel alone. Maybe it’s because they like having their space and not being surrounded by a group of people all the time. Maybe it’s because they like meeting new people from all around the world, so the thought of going with someone else doesn’t even enter their mind.

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Reasons You Should Consider Solo Travel UK

Solo travellers are more than capable of exploring the world and bringing home an unforgettable experience.

Many people think that solo travelling is not for them, but when they actually do it, they don’t regret their decision. Here are 5 reasons why you should consider solo travelling.

  • You will have time to explore England especially London, Wales and Scotland on your own and enjoy the beauty of being in a foreign place without having to wait for your friends to catch up or answer stupid questions from other people;
  • You’ll be able to get out of your comfort zone and meet new people;
  • It will save you a lot of money if you have no one else travelling with you;
  • You’ll have more time on your hands which means that you can dedicate it towards something that’s meaningful for you
  • You can do what you want to do, without compromise, in major cities like London – enjoying the London museums – or towns like Nottingham
  • You can spend plenty of time in beach resorts, like Bournemouth
  • You can visit such sights as Tintern
  • Visit TV landmarks such as the Woolpack

There are many benefits to travelling alone, but people need to be aware of the potential risks. Some of these risks include:

  • Language barrier
  • Lack of knowledge on local customs and laws
  • Not knowing who to trust
  • Being alone when sick or in danger

That’s why you might consider solo travel in the UK, to overcome language barriers.

solo travel uk

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Solo Travel UK tips

One of the best parts of solo travelling is having the freedom to explore, that being said, it’s important to remain safe. If you are travelling alone in the United Kingdom, you should know about these safety tips:

1) Pack a passport and your wallet with credit cards and cash. Keep it in a separate location from your clothes so that you can grab it quickly if needed.

2) Avoid walking alone at night through deserted streets with little or no lighting.

3) Keep an eye out for any suspicious behaviour such as people following you or acting aggressively towards you.

4) Make plans for where to stay before arriving so that there are no surprises when getting there.

5) Stay aware of your surroundings and don’t just look down at your phone or a map.

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