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What to do during an earthquake

what to do during an earthquake


what to do during an earthquake

Ok, so most of us know that the beautiful Californian coast is due a minimum magnitude 7 earthquake, but very few of us are aware that New York is sitting on a very temperamental bit of rock that could see the city have a right old sway about. The last Earthquake to hit New York was thank fully back in 1884 and was a sizeable Magnitude 5, but if New York was to have a wobble today, it could mean a whole different story with the immense skyscrapers and complex under ground networks. A magnitude 5 earthquake, isn’t too grand, however, Imagine being at the top of a skyscraper when that starts rocking, I am guessing it could rival most theme park rides! Here is what to do during an earthquake.

what to do during an earthquake

America is such a vast country and many a state and region has previously fallen foul to Earthquakes, back in 2001 Washington hosted a 6.8 earthquake and 1995 Texas had a 5.7 shake which rattled a lot of people’s cages ! Hawaii, Alaska and even Florida has grabbed a piece of the action but fortunately with minimum casualties !

what to do during an earthquake


what to do during an earthquake

If your ever experience an earth quake here are a few pointers !

*Don’t kiss your butt goodbye, very few people are actually killed during a quake !

* If your in a house, stay away from walls, heavy furniture or appliances. Get under a table and cover your head, don’t get under a door frame, this myth is a pile of pants !!

* If your in a Public space or an office block, stay away from big windows or large walls, and for god sake, DO NOT use an elevator !

*If your outside look out for power lines, trees or falling debris. If your near the ocean be aware of tsunamis if it has been a large quake and head for high ground. 

*If you are driving, pull over and avoid parking under bridges. When you start driving beware of after shocks and hazards on the road.

*When you have stopped rocking, check your area is safe to stay, help any injured people and look out for emergency vehicles !

* Be prepared for phone lines and electricity to be down and if you leave your area, leave a note to inform anyone of your location. 

* You may experience several after shocks, so adopt the same principles.

what to do during an earthquake

Let’s be honest though folks, you probably have more chance of being run over by a milk float than being in a Major earthquake, so don’t worry yourself into an early grave, However being prepared is always a wise option, so know what to do during an earthquake.

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